Support Us

Well for those of you who are interested in helping to cover some of the large costs involved in covering court cases, march’s and many other events and topics every penny is greatly appreciated.

The Truth is that the Left & Elites are hell bent on stopping people like us from distributing videos and other material exposing their actions and lies and when we get closer to the truth they start targeting every thing possible from our jobs and families to anything they can get their hands on in attempts to silence and destroy people who dare to stand against them!

Help us stand against the tide, support us today so we can carry on the fight for tomorrow!



(NEW) BRAVE Rewards via the Brave Web Browser is a new way to support your chosen creators via a method not stoppable by the Left, so for those using or interested in using the Brave Web Browser you can now use the Brave Rewards system to contribute to Simon’s Efforts. All the information can be found at the link below.