Friendly Discord Server

Hi everyone if you would like to come and join our voice and text chat server over on Discord you can use the link below! It’s free to use and is relatively simple to setup. 

Where to get Discord:

Link Here:

There is a video below to guide you through getting started and there is always more help once your in the server. (Currently looking for a New Guide!)

Revs server rules: INSTANT BANS!

1. For posting extreme content of any kind, including gore, pornographic links and pictures.

2. Definitely NO RECORDING! of any voice chats.

3. Must be 18 or over unless we approve.

4. Do not use this server as a dating sight.

5. Be respectful of others while in voice chat and text chat try not to dominate in voice chat or you will be muted. REPEAT OFFENDERS will be kicked or banned.

6. No making of fake arrangements.

7. Please put memes in the meme room and that means everyone!